your game, up-close

know where to focus so you can play better 

Use Golf Pad TAGS or Golf Pad LINK™ to know the distance of every shot instantly. Both products are powered by our top-rated app. Track your score and important game statistics automatically. See average distances for each club, shot dispersion and more. Even get intelligent club recommendations based on your averages, distance to target and current conditions. Review in real time using a phone or smartwatch. 


Golf Pad LINK™

wireless tracking for iPhone / Android

Golf Pad LINK™ gives you hands-free tracking with a wireless reader and 15 TAGS

Keep the reader in a pocket (or clip to your belt) so you don't have to carry your phone. Just tap the tag to the reader. See results on your phone or smartwatch anytime. 

Golf Pad TAGS™

game tracking for Android users

Golf Pad TAGSwork with most Android phones. Each set includes 15 TAGS, which attach to each club. 

Track your game with a gentle tap of the tag to your phone (usually kept in a pocket) before taking a shot. See results on your phone or smartwatch.