Golf Pad offers a free shot tracker, GPS rangefinder, and scoring app as well as a Premium version of the app. They also offer an automated game tracking system, Golf Pad TAGS™ for Android and Golf Pad LINK™ (coming soon) for iPhone. 

Golf Pad recently got an email from a golfer who was deciding between Golf Pad TAGS and another golf game tracking system. It's always a good idea to compare golf game tracking apps. Golfers want the most useful and easy to use app. 

Best golf app. Can't even see how this can get any better. It suggests clubs to hit, depending on distanc...

Best golf app. Can't even see how this can get any better. It suggests clubs to hit, depending on distanc...

While there are similarities among golf game tracking products, it's the software that makes Golf Pad GPS and Golf Pad TAGS™ stand out from the crowd. 

Golf Pad vs. other golf game apps

15 reasons Golf Pad is better than the competition

  • Intelligent club recommendations
    • With Golf Pad GPS, you see club recommendations based on your playing history and course information, even the elevation, temperature and humidity
  • Custom club comparison
    • Golf Pad GPS lets you add make, model, shaft type and more. Then compare two of the same clubs against each other. Very helpful when choosing between drivers or brands. 
  • Real Time round sharing
    • Your friends, or coach can watch your game unfold while you are playing - even when they are stuck at work
  • Re-designed tags
    • Golf Pad recently updated the design of TAGS™ to give golfers the most durable, ultra-light tags with an extra secure fit
  • Precise GPS
    • Golf Pad has perfected it's software to provide the most accurate results possible
  • Simple user interface
    • Golf Pad GPS and Golf Pad TAGS are easy to set up and use, so you can focus on playing golf
  • 99.5% crash free
    • Golf Pad GPS continuously updates as new Android and iOs updates are released to provide a stable application

These are just some of the advantages of Golf Pad over other golf game tracking apps.  Golf Pad is packed with useful features. 


Golf Pad has the best review rating


These are just a few of the features that help make Golf Pad and Golf Pad TAGS the best choice for golf game tracking. 

Golf Pad GPS has earned the highest review rating of any of the closest competitors.

Over 10k users have reviewed Golf Pad GPS. Golf Pad has earned a 4.6 (out of 5) star rating on Google Play, App Store and a 5 star FB review rating.

Our users consistently praise the Golf Pad for:

  • great service
  • excellent value
  • near perfect app stability
  • useful stats
  • free feature enhancements
  • easy to use 
  • help improve their golf game

Golf Pad has over a million downloads to date. Start with the free Golf Pad GPS app and decide for yourself.