Golf Pad LINK Launch

Kirkland, Washington: Golf Pad, Inc. has launched a Kickstarter campaign for it’s latest product, Golf Pad LINK. Golf Pad LINK is an automatic, real-time golf game tracking system for iPhone and Android users. Golfers play while LINK instantly records the distance of every shot and provides real-time game insight. Golfers can view results on a phone, online or on a smartwatch.

iPhone and Android

If you own an Android, you’ve likely been using the NFC reader in your phone for many apps. Apple, however, has kept NFC functionality limited to Apple Pay for iPhone users.

This has posed a challenge for golfers who want to use the technology to track their golf score, distances and stats. Golf Pad LINK overcomes this challenge with a built in location sensor.

Android and Apple users will appreciate the advantage of tracking their game without carrying their phone. This means no phone battery drain, no awkward phone in the pocket. A wireless reader tracks and records the golfer’s statistics. It automatically syncs the data when the phone is in range. Users can share results in real-time with friends and see how they compare to other players.


“Until now, our top-rated Golf Pad TAGS could only be used with Android,” observed Golf Pad CEO, Konstantin Roslyakov. “Golfers love the game insights and wanted iPhone support too. Golf Pad LINK addresses that.”


A Real Game Changer

The reader is designed to fit into a pocket. It’s thinner and more discreet than other game tracking devices. It also includes a removable clip if golfers prefer to wear it on a belt. Another advantage is the rechargeable battery, which lasts for two rounds of golf.

Golf Pad LINK sets the bar high when it comes to accuracy. It uses both GPS and GLONASS satellite tracking. This means faster and more accurate distances. Other game tracking systems only use GPS.

Golf Pad LINK comes with a wireless reader, 15 ultra-lightweight tags (one for each club) and the Golf Pad GPS application. The popular app has earned the highest rating in the sports category with nearly eleven thousand online reviews. It’s been downloaded over 1.3 million times and used to record over 3.7 million rounds of golf. Founded in 2011, Golf Pad is the only golf tracking system manufacturer named a Top Developer by Google.


The system retails for $229.00. Golf Pad is offering significant discounts for a limited number of early backers on their Kickstarter campaign, located here.