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SAGA Now Supported on Golf Pad

SAGA Now Supported on Golf Pad

SAGA Automatic Handicap Calculation


Golf Pad is happy to announce full SAGA handicap support is now available for Premium subscribers of the Golf Pad app. This is in addition to USGA, EGA, CONGU handicap calculations.

Golf Pad GPS, our GPS tracking and scoring app has supported handicap scoring for a while now. Handicap(Net) scoring is one of many Premium features available in Golf Pad for Android and iOS.

Using Handicap Calculations In App

To use the automatic handicap calculation follow these steps in the Golf Pad app:

  • start a round
  • click on your name under the User Profile tab
  • click on your name 
  • click on your handicap
  • click on the 'handicap index' tab
  • change from 'enter manually' to 'compute from playing history'

A common question is: How many rounds does Golf Pad need to be able to calculate a handicap?

  • USGA, SAGA courses: 10 rounds are needed
  • CONGU and EGA: 5 rounds are needed

For rounds to be used in handicap calculation, the tee played from must be selected and the rounds need to be completed and saved to your playing history.