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Mark Flag, Penalty or Sand From LINK Reader

Mark Flag, Penalty or Sand From LINK Reader

Golf Pad LINK

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, golfers around the world are enjoying Golf Pad LINK to automatically track and improve their golf game. Golf Pad LINK is the latest product offered by Golf Pad, developers of the top-rated Golf Pad GPS tracking app.

Golf Pad LINK brings powerful, automatic GPS tracking, golf game analysis and more to Android and iOS users. It can even be used without a phone on the golf course.

Mark Flag on LINK 150.png

Exciting New Feature Makes Golf Pad LINK Even More Convenient

A popular feature request, made by early backers, was way to mark flag, penalty or sand directly from the sleek wireless reader

Golf Pad just announced the new feature is now available in the latest Android release (14.9 or later) of it's top rated Golf Pad app. The feature will be available for iOS soon.