Whether you're using Golf Pad TAGS™, Golf Pad LINK™, Smart Grip or Smart Club, our top-rated Golf Pad GPS app powers them all. These tools are packed with features golfers love. It's time to gain insight and play better golf. 


Course strategy insights

Learn where you tend to miss and what part of the game to work on. Automatically track:


Sand saves ‌• Greens in regulation ‌• Course strategy • Club distances • Shot dispersion • P‌utting • Distance trends ‌• Fairways hit or missed


pick The Right Club


Don't Guess, Get Real Data

Get in-depth analysis by category (scoring, long game, approach, short game, putting). See how you stack up against other golfers. Learn exactly what to work on to play your best.


conforms to tournament rules

Playing in a tournament? Great! Just use Golf Pad Regulation Mode. You will not see shot distances and club recommendations while playing, but full game analysis will be available after you finish the round.


works with A smartwatch


Our Smart Grip and Smart Club are compatible with most smartwatches, including Android Wear, Pebble, Samsung Gear and Magellan Echo. See club confirmation and last shot’s distance right on your wrist. Your watch acts as a golf GPS the rest of the time. 


Easy To Use

Start playing in minutes. On the course, gently tap the phone when you hit the ball. The club, distance and statistics are recorded instantly.  Smart Grip™ and Smart Club™ are battery free for zero maintenance. 


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