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Golf pad affiliate

Earn money promoting top-rated Golf Pad products

The Golf Pad Affiliate program is limited to promoters with an active online presence. This can be a website, social media or email or paid advertising.

Please include each of your channels when applying so we can evaluate your application. If you do not have an active online presence, please apply after you’ve built an audience and engagement.

Apply as a Golf Pad affiliate to earn up to 15% per sale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I earn on each sale?

Commission and sales are calculated monthly. The more your referrals purchase in a calendar month, the more you earn per sale! We have two ways for you to earn. Straight commision or with a discount code.

  • Par: 8% on your first 3 sales
  • Birdie: 10% on the next 4-10 sales
  • Albatross: 12% on purchases 11-17
  • Ace: 15% on units 18+

We can also set up a unique discount code for you. You'll earn 8% commission on all sales and the buyer will received a 5% discount on their order. This is a great way to drive higher sales conversion.

How do I know if I've made a sale?

Each time a visitor you referred makes a purchase, you'll receive an email. You can also log in to the Golf Pad affiliate dashboard to view your sales.

What if a customer returns a product?

If refund is provided to a customer for which commission has already been paid to you, the same will be adjusted from your future payments.

How and when will I get paid?

Payments will be processed through PayPal on a monthly basis between the 1-15th of each month. You must earn a cumulative total of at least $100 before a payment will be processed. Depending on your location, you may be subject to a small fee from PayPal. See PayPal terms for details.

Do I have to claim my earnings on my taxes?

We are not tax professionals nor are we providing legal advice. The IRS requires taxpayers to report all income. Golf Pad does not take taxes from your earnings. We are required by the IRS to provide a 1099-MISC form listing your earnings over $600.00. You'll need to provide a Form W-9 so we have your correct taxpayer identification number. We will provide simple instructions after you apply.
If you do not provide the form, we will not be able to pay your earnings in excess of $600 until you do so. Please consult a tax professional for information specific to your situation. For affiliates in countries outside the United States, we will use the appropriate form based on your country of residence.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

Earn as much as you want! There are no limits on your potential commissions.

What if a referred visitor doesn't purchase right away?

The Golf Pad affiliate program tracks your referred visitors for up to 21 days after they've clicked on your link. If they make a purchase during that time-frame, you'll be credited for the sale.

How do I promote my Golf Pad affiliate link?

There are many ways to promote your affiliate link. Email it to friends, share on social media, create videos with embedded links, add it to your blog, even use paid search if you decide it's profitable for you. If using paid search, we require you to add our branded terms Golf Pad, Golf Pad TAGS, golf pad, golfpad, golfpadgps. golfpadtags as negative, broad match keywords in your campaigns.

It's important not to spam people or forums. Only use relevant (not misleading) information when promoting your link. You may use advertisements, button links and/or text links to our site, however, you CANNOT SPAM. Any activity by you or on your behalf that we determine or reasonably suspect to be the result of an unsolicited bulk e-mail program will result in your immediate termination from the Program and your forfeiting any commission earned. Allowable promotional links may use Golf Pad's trade names, service marks, and/or logos for display on your Affiliate Site. You are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and download such links and other designated promotional materials for placement on your Affiliate Site for the sole and exclusive purpose of promoting websites owned, operated or controlled by Golf Pad. In utilizing the Links, you agree that you will cooperate fully with us in order to establish and maintain such links.

Can I use images or banners that aren't provided in the affiliate dashboard?

When specifically referencing Golf Pad products, only use the provided images. Feel free to resize them as needed. If you would like to use other imagery please check with us for approval before posting. Feel free to use your referral link in any relevant text.

Do I have to disclose that I'm promoting an affiliate link?

Yes. The FTC does require a disclosure of your relationship with a retailer, such as Golf Pad when posting affiliate links. It's important you abide by this requirement or your membership to our affiliate program may be cancelled.

Still have questions?
Use the "Ask me a question" button in the lower right side of the affiliate dashboard to send your questions. You need to be logged in to access it.