Unique Gifts For Golfers from $10 to $100

Unique Gifts For Golfers from $10 to $100

If you are looking for a gift for golfers and don’t want the usual golf balls and in-office knick-nacks, check out these ideas put together by our team at Golf Pad.

This year, we’ve had the pleasure of getting know several companies launching new golf products. These innovative products are high quality and make great gifts. From $10 to $100, you’ll find something here the golfer on your shopping list will love. These are not affiliate links. The team wants to help spread the word and help you get your shopping done more quickly.

The MISIG – Golf Training Device

$97 Sale Price, Regularly $109


In golf, the importance of warm ups and stretching can’t be understated. Doing it incorrectly or with bad form can cause injury. No one wants that! That’s where the Most Important Swing In Golf (MISIG) comes in.

Golfers use this performance device for:

  • golf stretching

  • golf swing training

  • golf exercising

It helps you maintain proper positioning while you stretch. It helps loosen your muscles and tendons, creates muscle memory and increases the degrees of your back swing. Customer’s love it. Read the testimonials here. It’s a golf gift that shows you care.

The company offers an Unconditional Guarantee: Gain at least 20-25 yards in two weeks and if you are not satisfied, simply return the items. We will even pay return shipping on domestic orders.

Golf Pad TAGS

$99 with free US /$15 International Shipping

Golf Pad TAGS

Of course we have to mention our new Golf Pad TAGS. They are now compatible with Android and iPhone (iPhone 7 or later) and make a perfect gift for any golfer from beginner to a pro.

Use TAGS to automatically:

  • Keep score

  • Know the exact distance of every shot, from tee to green

  • Get actionable insights to improve your game like strokes gained, club distances, shot dispersion and much more

  • Make better playing decisions based on real data, not guesses

And the best part is you can leave the phone in your pocket. Track every shot with a simple tap and get results in real time. TAGS also work with most popular smartwatches to display distance, last club used and more right on your wrist. Learn more about Golf Pad TAGS here.

Ship Sticks - Ship Your Clubs To Your Destination

$59.99 One Way Gift Cards


Ship Sticks is a trusted provider of concierge type shipping of golf bags, skis and luggage. They’ve won the Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award 3 years in a row for “Best Golf Club Shipper”.

Let’s be honest, no one likes lugging a golf bag through the airport and hoping they don’t get lost or damaged by careless bag handlers.

If the golfer on your list loves to travel and golf in new locations, this is a great way to simplify their travel. Ship Sticks offers one-way gift cards for $59.99. For round trip golf travel, just purchase two. After purchase, they will mail the gift card, which may take 3-5 days to arrive. To purchase a gift card call the number listed on the website.

Tee-Fork- Tee & Divot Repair In One

$9.95 Per 3 Pack


Made in the USA, Tee-Fork is a two-in-one tee and divot repair tool for golfers. It's virtually unbreakable and comes with a 1 year replacement guarantee.

It's available in three sizes to fit your shot needs and ensures a consistent tee height every time. It even conforms to the rules of Golf by USGA.

Retail price for 3 tees is only $9.95. Great gift for all the golfers in your life.

Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy

$25 plus free shipping


Earlier this year, Desert Fox Golf, based in sunny Arizona, launched a unique golfer phone caddy. Rather than having your phone bounce around, the phone caddy protects your phone while keeping it available and at your fingertips. It also frees up the drink carrier. ;)

It’s specially designed to firmly attach to the golf cart and securely hold your phone. It’s adjustable so it fits nearly every phone. At only $25 plus free shipping, it’s a perfect, affordable gift.

Watch the video and see how it works on the Desert Fox Golf home page.

Divotisland SwingLogic EFX-1

$9.99 3 Pack Free Shipping On Amazon


Aim better with this new alignment tee. Good aim is a huge part of hitting the targets and lowering your scores. It's surprising how many golfers we see on the course hurt their game by not aiming well. When we met the guys behind DivotIsland and had a chance to try their product, we loved it.

Introducing the SwingLogic EFX-1. The concept is simple. Aim, Align yourself and Go. With this affordable & pocket sized alignment aid, your visualization will improve and post results to your scorecard. You can hit off it directly, put it next to your feet or in front, behind or beside your ball for maximum impact. 


Golfers are passionate about their sport. Gift giving can be fun when you think outside the tee-box and don’t have to break the bank. From helping golfers improve their game to having better tools on the course, you can find lots of options from $10 to under $100. These unique golf gifts will make someone’s holiday even more special!

Golf Pad TAGS:  Now for iPhone

Golf Pad TAGS: Now for iPhone

iPhone Users Rejoice

Golf Pad TAGS, the popular game tracking tags introduced in 2015, are now compatible with iPhone and Android. All TAGS sold on golfpadgps.com after November 1, 2018 will work on both types of devices.

Golf Pad TAGS make it easy to know the distance of every shot. Just tap your club to your phone before you make your shot. You'll automatically track your score, club distances, accuracy, putting stats and more. See, edit and share right on your phone. The best part is, you can leave your phone in your pocket.

I love the ability to see how far I'm hitting shots especially since I just got all new clubs - Jeffery Campbell, 5 Star FB Review

Phone Compatibility

Most Android phones with NFC capability are compatible. TAGS will work with iPhone 7 or later running iOS 12 or later. Click here for more information about phone compatibility.

Getting Started

TAGS are simple to set up. It begins with downloading the latest version of the Golf Pad GPS app. Next you’ll assign a tag to each club in your bag. The tags are ultra light-weight and battery free.

The core features are the same on both phone types, however the set up process is slightly different for each.

iPhone Set Up

Android Set Up

Older TAGS

If you purchased your Golf Pad TAGS before November 1, 2018 or from a third party retailer, they may not include iPhone compatibility. If you have questions, please contact our support team.


Golf Pad TAGS, an automatic golf game tracking system, are now compatible with iPhone 7 or later. They continue to work with most NFC enabled Android phones. TAGS are powered by the highest rated golf GPS app. They make shot tracking effortless, giving you access to accurate statistics, club distances and game insight so you can play better golf.

Mark Flag, Penalty or Sand From LINK Reader

Mark Flag, Penalty or Sand From LINK Reader

Golf Pad LINK

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, golfers around the world are enjoying Golf Pad LINK to automatically track and improve their golf game. Golf Pad LINK is the latest product offered by Golf Pad, developers of the top-rated Golf Pad GPS tracking app.

Golf Pad LINK brings powerful, automatic GPS tracking, golf game analysis and more to Android and iOS users. It can even be used without a phone on the golf course.

Mark Flag on LINK 150.png

Exciting New Feature Makes Golf Pad LINK Even More Convenient

A popular feature request, made by early backers, was way to mark flag, penalty or sand directly from the sleek wireless reader

Golf Pad just announced the new feature is now available in the latest Android release (14.9 or later) of it's top rated Golf Pad app. The feature will be available for iOS soon. 


SAGA Now Supported on Golf Pad

SAGA Now Supported on Golf Pad

SAGA Automatic Handicap Calculation


Golf Pad is happy to announce full SAGA handicap support is now available for Premium subscribers of the Golf Pad app. This is in addition to USGA, EGA, CONGU handicap calculations.

Golf Pad GPS, our GPS tracking and scoring app has supported handicap scoring for a while now. Handicap(Net) scoring is one of many Premium features available in Golf Pad for Android and iOS.

Using Handicap Calculations In App

To use the automatic handicap calculation follow these steps in the Golf Pad app:

  • start a round
  • click on your name under the User Profile tab
  • click on your name 
  • click on your handicap
  • click on the 'handicap index' tab
  • change from 'enter manually' to 'compute from playing history'

A common question is: How many rounds does Golf Pad need to be able to calculate a handicap?

  • USGA, SAGA courses: 10 rounds are needed
  • CONGU and EGA: 5 rounds are needed

For rounds to be used in handicap calculation, the tee played from must be selected and the rounds need to be completed and saved to your playing history.

Golf Pad LINK Available Now (limited quantities)

Golf Pad LINK Available Now (limited quantities)

After killing it on Kickstarter, thanks to 1294 backers, Golf Pad LINK is officially available for purchase!

It's time to get automatic game tracking for iPhone and Android.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Automatic tee-to-green club and distance tracking
  • Actionable stats like club distances, dispersion, putting, strokes gained and more
  • Extreme accuracy with dual system GPS+GLONASS satellite tracking
  • Save phone battery life with built-in location sensor

NOTE: Limited quantities available.

how it works.png

Here's what recent reviewers had to say about Golf Pad LINK

We now have the ultimate golf tracking system. Period!!!
— Doug Smith, Kickstarter Backer

Super easy to use!
— - Chris Jones, Kickstarter Backer

Just started using LINK & I couldn’t be happier. -
— Guy Imbesi, Kickstarter Backer

Golf Pad LINK Production

Golf Pad LINK Production

Golf Pad CEO, Konstantin Roslyakov, just returned from overseeing the start of production of Golf Pad LINK. The Golf Pad team has devoted countless hours perfecting every elements of the highly anticipated automatic golf game tracking system

Here's the latest update:

  • Final samples made on the actual production line were reviewed and look great! 
  • One of the electronics components (the GPS+GLONASS chip) had a delay on the supplier side. As a result, full scale production is delayed by a couple of weeks.  
  • Golf Pad is expecting to have all Kickstarter rewards shipped from the manufacturer in mid May and shipped to early backers in late May / early June.  
  • Software is feature-complete and Golf Pad is testing with variety of phone makes/models.  

While the supplier delay for the GPS+GLONASS chip is disappointing, the Golf Pad team keeps to the highest quality standards. They would rather wait a bit for the best-performance component than substitute with something inferior.

When can I buy Golf Pad LINK? 

Golf Pad LINK will be shipped to Kickstarter backers in late May / early June. Once those are fulfilled, Priority Access customers will be able to place orders. After which, sales will be open to the general public. If you're one of the many golfers eager for Golf Pad LINK, sign up for Priority Access here

Golf Pad GPS + Smartwatch

Golf Pad GPS + Smartwatch

A common question golfers ask is “What kind of smartwatch should I use with Golf Pad GPS?”

Golf Pad GPS, a golf rangefinder and scoring app, is compatible with more watches than any golf tracking app on the market today. This means golfers have a lot of options when choosing the best smartwatch.


3 factors to consider when deciding which smartwatch to use with Golf Pad GPS:


  • Cost - be realistic with your budget. Yes, it’s nice to look at the latest models, but if you’ll only be using the watch on the golf course, it may be better to save the cash for more golf balls instead. You can buy at watch for under $40 and get great performance with Golf Pad GPS.


  • Appearance - Smartwatches have become more refined looking in recent years. They are lower profile with discrete bands and watch faces that look like actual wrist watches. You’ll  spend a couple hundred to as much as a couple thousand dollars on these more modern watches. If looks aren’t important to you, an older model will save you a lot of money.


  • Features - The models listed below all work seamlessly with the Golf Pad GPS app. If you want to use your watch for other features, like music, measuring work-outs, or staying in touch with friends on social media, you’ll want to consider all the features offered. Many watches have lots of stand-alone features. Others require the use of applications.


Current compatible smartwatch models include:

Samsung Gear (including Gear Fit2)

Android Wear Including:

Update July, 2018: Pebble and Magellan Echo are also compatible with Golf Pad, however they've been discontinued and are currently in maintenance mode with the manufacturers. As a result, Golf Pad compatibility may not continue to be supported.

Apple Watch (including Series 2)

If you are considering a smartwatch and aren’t sure if your model will work with Golf Pad GPS, please contact us. We’ll verify compatibility for you.


Zahradnik, F. (n.d.). The Best GPS Watches Reviewed. Retrieved April 21, 2017, from https://www.lifewire.com/gps-watches-reviews-1683616

GPS Rangefinder App vs. Handheld Rangefinder

GPS Rangefinder App vs. Handheld Rangefinder

Golf Pad GPS is a free golf rangefinder and scoring app. It’s easy to use and highly rated (4.6/5 stars) by golfers. It includes 40,000+ worldwide courses.

If you’re trying to decide between a handheld rangefinder or a golf GPS app, consider these points:

  • Golf Pad GPS is free vs. spending hundreds on a handheld rangefinder

  • With our app, you can get accurate GPS distances even if you don’t have line of sight

  • Automatically tracking your (actual!) club distances is easy with our Golf Pad GPS app

  • Using our free app allows you to keep score for multiple players

  • Use the flyover feature on the app to become familiar with a new course

If you’d like an easy way to accurately measure distances, track your score and more, download Golf Pad GPS. The app works perfectly with Android and iPhone devices.

Golf Pad TAGS in the EU

Golf Pad TAGS in the EU

Order Golf Pad TAGS in The EU

Golfers often ask "Where can I buy Golf Pad TAGS in the UK (or other EU countries)?".

Combined with the top-rated golf app, Golf Pad GPS, TAGS are the easiest way for golfers to track and improve their golf game. Golf Pad TAGS work with most NFC capable Android devices.

Golfers who live in Europe can now order Golf Pad game tracking products through Golf Pad’s newest online retailer, Golf & More.


Faster Shipping For EU Reisdents

Golf & More is a Golf Pad dealer located within the European Economic Area (EEA). Ordering online with Golf & More means you don't have to worry about import taxes and VAT.  Domestic shipping within the EEA is fast and affordable. A multilingual version of the website is in the making. In the meantime,  contact Golf & More directly by email: info@golfandmore.be

Golf Pad's new automatic golf game tracking system, Golf Pad LINK, will be available with Golf & More in early summer. Golf Pad LINK is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

NOTE: For golfers who live outside the EU, orders can be placed directly with Golf Pad GPS or other Golf Pad retailers.

Golf Pad LINK: Hottest Golf Tech

Golf Pad LINK: Hottest Golf Tech

Golf Pad LINK On Kickstarter

There are only five days left in the wildly successful Golf Pad LINK Kickstarter campaign. Golfers are excited about the new option to improve their golf game. To date, over $140,000 has been pledged by 984 backers. It’s the hottest golf tech on Kickstarter right now.

Golf Pad LINK Price

The suggested retail price of Golf Pad LINK is $229 USD. Until March 9, 2017, Kickstarter backers can get Golf Pad LINK at a savings of $90 or more.

Golf Pad LINK is for golfers who want to automatically track, analyze and improve their game in real-time. Users get accurate distances, intelligent club recommendations and more on over 40,000 courses worldwide.

Golf Pad CEO Hosts Q and A

Yesterday, Golf Pad CEO, Konstantin, hosted a live Golf Pad Q and A video to speak to golfers. In the video, Konstantin explains features new to Golf Pad LINK, details about strokes gained, how to use the stats to improve your golf game, smartwatch support, and more.

“Love the [Golf Pad] tags and software to track my game. Helped me drop 8+shots off my game last year by managing club selection. Look forward to the [Golf Pad LINK] option without a phone in my pocket all the time.” Matt Liesenfeld

Media Coverage

With coverage in Digital Trends, Geeky-Gadgets, Trend Hunter, Huffington Post and more, golfers everywhere are excited about Golf Pad LINK.

For those who want to save on the price of Golf Pad LINK, there are serious discounts for early backers through March 9, 2017. After the campaign, Golf Pad LINK will be available on Golf Pad’s website, GolfPadGPS.com/LINK

Golf Pad LINK Release Date

Golf Pad LINK Release Date

If you've been waiting for the Golf Pad LINK release, there's great news!

Earlier this month, Golf Pad launched it's Kickstarter campaign for the highly anticipated Golf Pad LINK release. Backers of the project raised over 60k in the first three days. 

Over 700 golfers have pledged over $96k - surpassing the funding goal with 20 days remaining. Golf Pad expects to begin shipping Golf Pad LINK units in May 2017.

Golfers, especially iPhone users, are excited about the Golf Pad LINK release. Golf Pad LINK provides unmatched benefits for golf game tracking and analysis, like:

  • Play and track without a phone
  • Apple (iPhone) compatibility
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Saves phone battery
  • Powered by the highest rated golf app
  • Extensive smartwatch compatibility
  • Android compatibility

Learn more and make a pledge on Kickstarter to get your Golf Pad LINK. 

Ready For Golf Pad LINK?

Ready For Golf Pad LINK?

Golf Pad LINK Launch

Kirkland, Washington: Golf Pad, Inc. has launched a Kickstarter campaign for it’s latest product, Golf Pad LINK. Golf Pad LINK is an automatic, real-time golf game tracking system for iPhone and Android users. Golfers play while LINK instantly records the distance of every shot and provides real-time game insight. Golfers can view results on a phone, online or on a smartwatch.

iPhone and Android

If you own an Android, you’ve likely been using the NFC reader in your phone for many apps. Apple, however, has kept NFC functionality limited to Apple Pay for iPhone users.

This has posed a challenge for golfers who want to use the technology to track their golf score, distances and stats. Golf Pad LINK overcomes this challenge with a built in location sensor.

Android and Apple users will appreciate the advantage of tracking their game without carrying their phone. This means no phone battery drain, no awkward phone in the pocket. A wireless reader tracks and records the golfer’s statistics. It automatically syncs the data when the phone is in range. Users can share results in real-time with friends and see how they compare to other players.


“Until now, our top-rated Golf Pad TAGS could only be used with Android,” observed Golf Pad CEO, Konstantin Roslyakov. “Golfers love the game insights and wanted iPhone support too. Golf Pad LINK addresses that.”


A Real Game Changer

The reader is designed to fit into a pocket. It’s thinner and more discreet than other game tracking devices. It also includes a removable clip if golfers prefer to wear it on a belt. Another advantage is the rechargeable battery, which lasts for two rounds of golf.

Golf Pad LINK sets the bar high when it comes to accuracy. It uses both GPS and GLONASS satellite tracking. This means faster and more accurate distances. Other game tracking systems only use GPS.

Golf Pad LINK comes with a wireless reader, 15 ultra-lightweight tags (one for each club) and the Golf Pad GPS application. The popular app has earned the highest rating in the sports category with nearly eleven thousand online reviews. It’s been downloaded over 1.3 million times and used to record over 3.7 million rounds of golf. Founded in 2011, Golf Pad is the only golf tracking system manufacturer named a Top Developer by Google.


The system retails for $229.00. Golf Pad is offering significant discounts for a limited number of early backers on their Kickstarter campaign, located here.