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Ultimate guide to customized golf carts

Golf cart on a course

People have been waking up to the fact that golf carts don’t have to be used solely for golf. Many people now use them for running local errands, performing yard work, and visiting nearby friends, for instance.

Golf cart owners have also been realizing that they can make numerous modifications to their carts. So, whether you use your golf cart for getting around the golf course or for any other purposes, here are some of the best ways in which you can customize it to your preference. 

Change the Design and Colors of the Body and Hood 

One way to instantly make your golf cart bespoke and tailor it to your individual style is to change the design and colors of the body and hood. You can customize the front hoods, rear bodies, front fascia, rear underbodies, side skirts, canopies, and more.

An authorized cart dealer can create customized patterns and colors or even create graphics and decals to suit your taste. You’ll then have a one-of-a-kind golf cart to be proud of. 

Customize the Seats

You can customize the interior of your golf cart, too.If you want to match the exterior design and gain more comfort, you’ll want to change the seats of your golf cart.

Ones with large cushions that are designed to provide a higher level of comfort and support will transform your golf-cart riding experience. And you can choose from multiple colors and patterns to suit your style. 

Make Your Golf Cart Go Faster

If you want a golf cart that is ideal for both street and off-road riding, you can make it more powerful by replacing the engine or adding a larger battery, depending on whether your vehicle is gas or electric.

Standard golf carts reach around a maximum of twenty miles per hour, but by making modifications, you could get your cart up to forty miles per hour. 

Buy a Lift Kit and Change the Wheels and Tires

If you’re intending to ride off-road and want the off-roading experience to be as good as possible, you’ll want more than enhanced power.

With a lift kit, you can add larger wheels and tires to your golf cart to enable an improved ride over rough terrains. Just make sure that the lift kit you purchase is suitable for your specific golf cart.

Spindle lifts are ideal for gaining a wider stance and better stability while axle lifts enable you to replace your car's front axle with a drop axle. And long travel lifts can be used to get superb suspension, as they widen the wheelbase.

When it comes to replacing the wheels and/or tires, there are multiple options available to you.

You should choose tires and wheels based on the surfaces you’ll be riding on the most. For instance, you can buy tires that are well-suited for riding on streets and tires with deeper treads that will enhance off-roading.

If You’re Off-roading, Get an Upgraded Controller

If you add a lift kit and bigger tires and wheels, you should also consider upgrading your controller so that it will provide better torque and quicker acceleration.

You can then improve riding over rugged terrain. 

Add LED Lights 

With LED headlights and taillights, it will be easy to navigate during times of low visibility, such as at dawn or dusk or during foggy or snowy conditions.

Improved lights will also help other vehicles to see you in low lighting conditions, so your safety and the safety of others can be improved. You have the option of choosing white LED lights or more colorful LED lights, depending on your preference.

Install Seat Belts

Speaking of safety, it’s a good idea to add seat belts to your golf cart if it doesn’t already have them. You’ll be safer when wearing a seatbelt. Also, if you intend to ride on streets, it will probably be legally necessary to have seatbelts in your cart.

Get a Windshield

By installing a windshield on your golf cart, you can avoid getting hit by rain and debris as you ride. Thus, the riding experience is sure to be more enjoyable.

If You’re Riding Off-road, Add Fender Flares and Brush Guards. If you’re planning on riding off-road, fender flares and brush guards are simple additions you can add to your golf cart to provide protection against getting hit by mud and debris.

Consider Foldable Seats

Foldable seats are a really good idea. They allow you to carry more passengers when you need to. And when you’re not carrying passengers, you can fold up the seats and use the space as a storage area. 

Make the Riding Experience Better with Bluetooth Speakers 

To make your golf cart cooler and take the riding experience to another level, install Bluetooth speakers. You can then listen to music wherever you go.

You can find some excellent Bluetooth speakers that can withstand the elements and which have adaptable mounting options. 

Never Go Thirsty When You Install a Drink Cooler 

A drink cooler can easily be mounted on the side of your golf cart, so it won’t take up any room. And with a drink cooler, you’ll be able to drink refreshing and cool drinks no matter where you’re riding. 

Create Your Own Theme 

If you want more ideas on how to deck out your golf cart, check out this Golf Cart Stuff guide that is packed with great suggestions. But let’s finish this guide by talking about themes.

If you really want a bespoke golf cart that is tailored to your specific taste and style, whether you’re using it to play golf, ride around town, or ride over rugged terrain, consider the overall design of your cart.

For example, you could:

  • Decorate the exterior with decals of your football team’s logo.
  • Give your golf cart a name and get a professional sign painter to paint the name on the side or hood of your cart.
  • Coordinate the design and colors to your own taste, such as using a zebra print for both the exterior of your golf cart and the seating.

Summing Up

Hopefully, you’re now buzzing with ideas on how to customize your golf cart.

To recap, some of the best customization options that you should certainly consider are:

  • Changing the Design and Colors of the Body and Hood.
  • Customizing the Seats.
  • Making Your Golf Cart Go Faster.
  • Buying a Lift Kit and Changing the Wheels and Tires.
  • Getting an Upgraded Controller.
  • Adding LED Lights.
  • Installing Seat Belts.
  • Getting a Windshield.
  • Adding Fender Flares and Brush Guards.
  • Getting Foldable Seats.
  • Installing Bluetooth Speakers.
  • Installing a Drink Cooler.
  • Creating Your Own Theme.