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Golf Pad Reviews

What’s the best golf scorecard & GPS app?

Golf Pad has been delivering a powerful, easy to use scorecard and scorecard and golf GPS app since 2011. We continually respond to user feedback and add new features. We keep up with technology to make sure our golfers have the most useful app on the market. With nearly 50,000 online reviews, we take pride in our 4.7 star review rating across all platforms.

Some golfers use the app to easily keep score, while others dive into the personal statistics and analytics as a tool to become better golfers. We work hard to make our app easy to use for golfers of all skill levels. They are the reason we work so hard to continually develop new features.

— Konstantin Roslyakov, Golf Pad CEO

Golf Pad reviews

From Golfers Around The World

I’ve tried so many different apps. I believe this is the best GPS, shot tracking, distance tracking, scorekeeping, handicap keeping app on the market.

— Golf Test Dummy

Samsung galaxy watch + Golf Pad GPS review

Golf Pad Tags Review. I tested them on the course!


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