Like being first? 

Use Golf Pad GPS with an Apple device?

We're looking for golfers to beta test updates. Are you in? 



Frequently Asked Questions

What is a beta tester and why does Golf Pad want them? 

At Golf Pad, we're always improving our app. We deliver new features based on user feedback, suggestions, technology and industry updates. Before we launch a new feature, our team completes extensive testing.

Beta testing is the second phase of software development.  

A beta tester is someone who gains access to new features before everyone else. This person gets to try the beta program and give feedback. 


What are the requirements? 

You need to use an Apple product, (like the iPhone and Apple Watch) and use the Golf Pad GPS app frequently. Note: click here for Android beta program

What if I use the free Golf Pad GPS app? 

Yes! You can be a beta tester with either the free Golf Pad GPS app or Golf Pad Premium. 

Is the beta test program free? 

Yes. There are no additional costs to become a Golf Pad beta tester. Testers can be either free or Premium subscribers. The actual subscription to Premium isn't included. 

Is there a time commitment? 

Golf Pad testers enjoy getting priority access to the new features. It's is voluntary and you can stop any time you want.