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Golf Pad TAGS™ Launched at PGA Show

Golf Pad TAGS™ allows golfers to quantify their performance while staying focused on the game.

Kirkland, WA, January 20, 2015 -- Launched by Golf Pad, Inc. at the PGA Merchandise Show, Golf Pad TAGS™ will enable golfers to easily analyze and improve their performance. The system - available for only $99 - includes a set of 15 tags that attach to the back of each club and work with the Golf Pad GPS app on Android phones to seamlessly capture the game in full detail.

“Users told us that statistics are extremely important to help them assess their game and track improvement,” says Golf Pad CTO Maksim Ivanov. “The best statistics require detailed information about the game, including the position and the club used for each shot.”

Currently, tracking this kind of information while playing a round is both difficult and distracting. With Golf Pad TAGS™, players can remain focused on the game. They only need to tap the back of the club to their phone before each shot. Golf Pad TAGS™ will record exactly how far the ball travels with each shot, map players’ shots and allow them to make adjustments in real time.

“Used together with Golf Pad GPS, Golf Pad TAGS™ offers golfers a true understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to make better decisions during the game,” says Ivanov. “Knowing how far you hit the ball with each club is crucial for improving your game and your score. Using Golf Pad TAGS™ makes getting this information effortless. And if you have a smartwatch, you can even see distances instantly on your wrist.”

The Golf Pad TAGS™ system works with most Android phones and is available from

About Golf Pad, Inc.

Golf Pad, Inc. makes a high-quality golf assistant app for iPhone and Android. Over 1,000,00,000 golfers have used the app, described as ‘a must-have for every golfer’; the app provides a state-of-the-art GPS rangefinder that covers more than 34,000 golf courses worldwide. Golf Pad GPS supports advanced scoring, including handicaps, and offers users detailed statistics, aerial maps, hole elevation profiles and more. It also works with a wide range of wearables, including Pebble, Magellan Echo Series, Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360, LG G Watch, Sony Smartwatch 3 and more.