Golf Pad GPS is a free golf rangefinder and scoring app. It’s easy to use and highly rated (4.6/5 stars) by golfers. It includes 40,000+ worldwide courses.

If you’re trying to decide between a handheld rangefinder or a golf GPS app, consider these points:

  • Golf Pad GPS is free vs. spending hundreds on a handheld rangefinder

  • With our app, you can get accurate GPS distances even if you don’t have line of sight

  • Automatically tracking your (actual!) club distances is easy with our Golf Pad GPS app

  • Using our free app allows you to keep score for multiple players

  • Use the flyover feature on the app to become familiar with a new course

If you’d like an easy way to accurately measure distances, track your score and more, download Golf Pad GPS. The app works perfectly with Android and iPhone devices.