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Is Golf Pad compatible with the Wear OS 3 watches like Samsung Galaxy Watch 4?

Golfer looking at smartwatch on the golf course

The huge Wear OS 3 announcement made by Google and Samsung for the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic has many Golf Pad users wondering if Golf Pad Premium is compatible with the new system. The answer is a resounding - yes!

Golf Pad app on Galaxy 4

Samsung Galaxy 4 users can now:

  • see precise distance to the front, middle and back of the green
  • view intelligent PLAYS LIKE distance/ club recommendation
  • track shot and putts from tee to green (including shot distances)
  • add penalties
  • mark flag position
  • undo the last action (in case of an accidental input).

With the powerful Wear OS 3, you can also add the Golf Pad Tile to quickly check on your progress in round so far and easily open the GPS rangefinder. 

At this time the phone and the watch need to be connected over Bluetooth throughout the round. Standalone mode and club tracking are coming soon. Both will be available with our Wear 3 app.

Users world-wide use Golf Pad to track and improve their golf game. As of this publication, Golf Pad has over three million downloads and over nine million rounds played. Golf Pad Premium is much more than just smartwatch compatibility. Want to explore the nearly two dozen (and counting!) additional Premium features? Contact us to request a one week trial.