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What's in Store for the Future of Golfing?

Future of golfing

Golf is an ancient sport, yet also one which has managed to move with the times and make use of new technologies as they have been developed.

Indeed while it is seen as a pastime that tends to appeal to older players, the next generation of golfers is being courted and encouraged thanks to the evolutions which are taking place at the moment.

Here is a look at what the future might hold and how tech will play a part in shaping the growth of golf going forward.

In-home simulation will push the boundaries of realism

Golf-inspired video games have been around for decades at this point, but the prospect of enjoying truly realistic in-home simulation which gives users applicable skills and training to translate into real world play has remained limited.

Thankfully, the accessibility and affordability of a golf simulator for home users has dramatically improved in recent years, in conjunction with the excellent realism that is available via contemporary systems.

Portable setups that can easily be erected in a jiffy and stored when not in use mean that you do not need to dedicate a permanent part of the home to the simulator. This convenience, combined with cutting edge graphics and exceptional swing and ball tracking, means that even if you cannot get to the course, in-home simulation is closer to the genuine experience than ever before.

On-course transportation will offer improved creature comforts & automation

Getting around a golf course can be a tiring business, especially when lugging heavy clubs and other accoutrements along with you. The humble golf cart has helped with this for many years now, yet technological enhancements are being made to these vehicles to make them even more attractive.

First up, the promise of quicker, more convenient and mind-bendingly efficient transport is here thanks to the rollout of self-driving golf carts which have been trialed and tested at a number of courses and will continue to gain traction in the near future. Automation of these vehicles has the added advantage of improving safety and also meaning that it is easier for operators to monitor where every cart is in real time to ensure all resources are being deployed optimally.

Next, there is the onboard tech that these carts and buggies boast; notably the integration of Bluetooth connectivity, onboard speakers and even flat panel displays means that music and media playback on the move is a doddle. If you want to stay entertained during a round when your associates are taking an age to set up a shot, this is the answer!

Driving ranges will deliver unparalleled statistical feedback

The driving range can be a great place to blow off steam and not worry too much about your performance, yet for many golfers it is also an arena in which skills can be honed and improvements to form made.

Gradually the arrival of modern technology is bringing the driving range kicking and screaming into the 21st century. This is achieved via a combination of integrated sensors and companion applications available for smartphones, which mean that every shot is meticulously analyzed and the feedback is then supplied to the user in an instant.

From the speed with which the ball travels and the trajectory that it follows to the place it lands and its relative position in relation to the target zone, all of these factors and many more are measured with pinpoint precision.

Hopefully with all these new systems available, golfers old and new will be able to up their game and have a more enjoyable time with the sport they love, wherever they are.