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Does Golf Pad GPS app support World Handicap System?

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April, 2020 Edited to include iPhone WHS support.)

Golf Pad has released its latest Android version (15.5.1)  and iPhone version (13.12) with World Handicap System support. Golf Pad will calculate both playing handicap for each round and handicap index from playing history. Users select the preferred handicap system in Golf Pad preferences.

When the WHS was announced in 2018, Golf Pad committed to providing in-app support in time for the full roll out this year. Our team worked hard and made it happen. iPhone support is next. - Konstantin Roslyakov, Golf Pad CEO

What is the World Handicap System (WHS)?

The WHS is a coming together of six handicap systems to create a universal set of rules. It’s been years in the making and much anticipated by golfers around the world.

The USGA states the new system is designed to:

  • be simple to understand
  • make it easier to obtain a handicap (with a minimal number of scores)
  • provide all golfers with a consistent measure of playing ability
  • encourage amature golfers to get and keep a handicap
  • account for weather and course conditions
  • use all scores in all countries (not just competitive rounds)
  • update more frequently
World Handicap System overview image credit: USGA
World Handicap System overview image credit: USGA

In addition to the new World Handicap System, Golf Pad also provides handicap scoring and handicap calculator for USGA, EGA, CONGU, SAGA and Golf Australia. Golf Pad users can use net (handicap-adjusted) scoring for Strokeplay or other formats like Stableford, Match play, Skins and more. Golfers can even compute the handicap index from your playing history using the official formula.

Handicap scoring is included with Golf Pad Premium upgrade, along with 15 additional game changing features (like smartwatch support and intelligent club recommendations).