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Top 7 Insanely Easy And Quick Money-Saving Golf Hacks

Man shopping for a golf club

Golf is one of the most loved games to pass the time and destress. But as a weekend pleasure, it's also one of the more expensive sports you can play. Golf has the distinction of being a rich man's game. But gone are those days when only a few elite people could afford this game. There was a time when this game was only played by CEOs. Now there are many ways to access this game, however, do not expect it to be so cheap. Starting from finding the right equipment and gear, there are multiple options to get you going.

“Golf- a sport for everyone, not just royals”

Therefore, to marry your passion for golf and your reluctance to spend excessively, you need to get creative with ways to save. Here are some insanely easy-to-implement strategies to ensure plenty of opportunity to unwind on the golf course without breaking the bank.

So, if you are a golfer and want to learn about some amazing money-saving golf hacks, this blog is a must-read for you.  

How To Enjoy Your Passion For Golf Without Spending Too Much

Play golf off-season to significantly reduce your green fee costs (think desert golf in the summer)

In many areas, the weather is always ideal for golfing, so you won't receive any discounts. Nevertheless, you can play at several top-notch golf courses in the summer for a fraction of what the facilities would charge during the busiest months. Will you be playing outside in the heat? No doubt. What other course can you play on a Saturday morning for $75 on a $250 course? If you schedule your tee time for the morning, you will be done by the time the weather is at its hottest in any case.

Use discount websites for group offers or 2-for-1 deals

Numerous websites provide unique golf discounts for nearby courses. These websites are contacted by courses to either advertise their course for the off-season or to generate interest for one reason or another.,, and are three of the popular online resources for cheap green fees. Not all of the courses that advertise on these websites are nearby or distinctive, but occasionally wonderful courses will appear, giving you the chance to play golf at a fantastic course for a reasonable price. Make a day of it by bringing a buddy (the majority of discounts are of the "2 for 1" sort). Anyhow, you'll need a witness to your hole-in-one.

Buy used golf clubs from local golf shops or online auction sites like eBay

Golf clubs have been technologically modified significantly over the years, but they are not all that evident in terms of the benefits they are supposed to bring to your game. However, people frequently replace their outdated clubs with new ones in an effort to gain a few extra strokes here and there. Take advantage of this chance to save a lot of money off retail golf clubs that are still in good condition. However, you can get lower prices on superior clubs online. The majority of golf shops will buy your used clubs for resale in-store.

Bonus tip- Sell your used clubs on third-party sites like eBay. You’ll get much more than you will if yo trade them in at the Pro Shop.

Purchase a bulk of gently used golf balls

Most golfers with high handicaps lose a lot of balls. several golf balls. When you can buy gently used golf balls (Rated AAAA) in bulk for a much lower price, why pay $3-4 for each ball when you can smash it into the street with your first swing? On Amazon or eBay, you can purchase dozens of golf balls for less than $1 each ball. If you have a high handicap, your game won't be able to distinguish between a brand-new ball created for a PGA tour player and one that has been hit once and lost in the tall grass.

Alternatively, you can go hunting for golf balls in the winter. It's the perfect time to fill your shag bag when the trees are bare, the heather is manageable, and no golfers are on the course. Possibly you may even find a few jewels.

Buy a membership

Make use of the buyer's market by shopping around. If you don't have a preference for the club in your neighborhood you join, research what each one has to offer and take advantage of that knowledge. Deals are being struck everywhere, so any or all of the following options are possible: no initiation, several months of no dues, monthly credits, or a waiver of the meal and beverage minimums.

Buy discounted clothes

Hold off till winter. The best time to buy your golf wardrobe is from October through January. Before the arrival of the inventory for the upcoming season, many businesses and stores are trying to sell off their remaining spring and summer goods. Even if your wardrobe isn't the newest, you may still improve and put money in your pocket.

Wrapping Up

It’s time to leave the perception that golf is a game of royals. Now you can relish your passion for golf without spending too much using these golf hacks. Additionally, If you are a kind of mid-handicap golfer and struggling to improve your number of good shots, time to invest in the best golf driver. Pick the clubs considering your swing speed and comfort. Do not rush yourself to purchase and research well for products, and their makes. 

After all, golf is supposed to relax your mind. Having your preparations ready will automatically improve your swinging abilities. Enjoy the game and improve your skills slowly. 

Happy Golfing!

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