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User spotlight: Peter Aisthorpe-Buckley

Dorset golf course

Golf Pad, the popular free golf GPS and scorecard app. Golfers have played over 6,000,000 rounds with Golf Pad. Users around the world use the golf app to easily track their score, club distances and other important game statistics.


Peter Aisthorpe-Buckley is an avid golfer from Dorset, England. He’s been using Golf Pad to track and improve his golf game for going on three years. Peter plays at least once a week. He’s fortunate there are seventeen clubs to play both at his home and away.  

Peter grew up watching golf on television. He thought the game required skills he didn’t have. When he was twelve, he was trying to hit a golf ball and kept missing it or hitting the ground first. Then he finally made solid contact it flew in a different direction than he wanted it to go.....straight through next door's kitchen window.  So that was the end of his early golf career. He made himself content watching the likes of Palmer, Nicklaus, Player, Trevino and of course Jacklin.

In the mid 90’s, Peter moved down from Saddleworth, West Riding of Yorkshire. His wife bought him some golf lessons at a local golf club, Crane Valley. Finally, his shots on the driving range flew high and straight.  The golf bug bit and Peter’s been playing ever since.

Beloved Golf Course

His favorite golf course is the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset, UK near his home. It was owned by Enid Blyton, a writer of children books, in the 1950’s when she and her husband bought it for £1. Given the current popularity of the course, it seems like the purchase turned out to be a wise investment.

Rushmore Golf Course is the local club Peter plays most. It’s unique in that it spans two counties. Holes 1 to 3 and 13 to 18 are in the County of Wiltshire while the other holes are in Dorset County. The course is built on a private estate and the drive from the main road stretches about a mile. Peter says it’s peaceful on the course. There is no sound of traffic, just the sound of nature, the sound of a ball being hit and of course the odd expletive when said ball doesn't do what the golfer wanted it to.  

Point of Pride

In 2017, Peter beat an eight handicap golfer in a scratch competition. It’s a personal golf accomplishment he’s very proud of.

“It was nip & tuck all the way round. I played off of 15. He was a bit brassed off to say the least!!!” Peter A.

Favorite Golf Pad Features

Some years ago, Peter discovered an app on Android that used the GPS network to give approximate distances to flags. He used it for a while and then discovered Golf Pad GPS. It had everything he wanted: a scorecard, a course map and distances to the front, middle and back of the green.  He loves using the yardages and GPS features of Golf Pad. He especially appreciates how accurate club distances and recommendations have helped him fine tune his club selection.

Off the Course

When he’s not improving his golf game, Peter teaches people of all ages to drive (cars, not clubs). He’s the owner/operator of Wessex One to One School of Motoring, which he started in 2001. Besides golf, Peter enjoys Motorsport, Chasing DX on the 10 Metre Band and mobile on the 2m VHF & 70cm UHF Bands.

Thanks for sharing your story Peter!


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