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Golf game tracking just got easier in Australia

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Golf Pad TAGS on Amazon AU

For golfers in Australia, automatically tracking golf shots, analysing and improving their game just got easier. Golf Pad Inc. is excited to announce the availability of Golf Pad TAGS for Amazon AU customers.  Just in time for the holiday season, Golf Pad TAGS are now available on This speeds delivery and reduces shipping costs for Amazon Prime members as compared to ordering direct from Golf Pad in the U.S..

Golf Pad TAGS have been available world-wide since 2015. Using helps Golf Pad’s customers save money and get their Golf Pad TAGS more quickly.

What is the best app for golf GPS?

According to 17,346+ golfers on the Google Play and Apple app stores, Golf Pad GPS is the top-rated golf GPS and scoring app worldwide. Golf Pad, founded in 2011, launched a popular GPS and scorekeeping app, now known as Golf Pad GPS. Avid golfers themselves, the founders keep pace with technology changes. They listen to user feedback and improve the features and interface of the app. This has earned Golf Pad a 4.6/5 star rating with users.  That’s currently the top rating on the market for similar golf tracking apps.

What is the best automatic golf game tracking system?

Golf Pad TAGS , powered by the top-rated, Golf Pad app, allow golfers to automatically track their shots. Golfers tap their golf club to their Android or iPhone before making a shot.  Golfers automatically track their score, club distances, accuracy, putting stats and more.

Learn more about Golf Pad TAGS here.