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Instantly stop overthinking your swing with this simple trick

Driver on the golf course

Guest Post By Julian Mellor, Easiest Swing Golf Coach

Is overthinking ruining your golf swing?

Don’t worry, it’s totally normal. Unfortunately, it's extremely damaging to your golf game.

My name is Julian Mellor. I’m an Easiest Swing Golf Coach. For years, I believed the golf swing was a sequence of complicated, unnatural movements pieced together to enable me to propel the golf ball forward.

How wrong I was!

I truly believe that the golf swing has been over complicated. The more it’s pulled to pieces and over analysed, the more complex it becomes. Golfers are now obsessed.

  • What’s the degree?
  • What’s the right angle of attack?
  • What’s my carry?
  • What spin rate am I getting?

It’s no wonder so many golfers struggle with their swing.

I’ve recently posted a video on YouTube about this very topic. It’s about how one simple trick can help you instantly overcome the nightmare of over thinking your swing.

The less complex your swing is, the more efficient and effective it becomes. Using this trick, you’ll be more relaxed, have more confidence, hit your ball more consistently and most of all, enjoy yourself!

Watch the video to discover this insanely effective golf hack.

Julian Mellor is a leading golf instructor in the UK. He teaches the 6 Principles of The Easiest Swing in Golf and is a Senior Golf Specialist. Learn more about Julian’s methods at