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Master weight transfer for a dynamite swing with this simple drill

Female golfer teeing off on the course

Guest Post By Mark Wood, PGA Advanced Golf Professional

The following golf tip really helps to get my clients moving correctly into their left side, improve their swing power, accuracy and consistency.

I see many people constantly struggle in getting into the left side in their downswing, They tend to make a nice backswing and then, start to spin out with their hips causing their weight to stay on the back foot.

The result of this is a severe deceleration of the club which, in turn, greatly reduces power. In addition it causes the client to go over the top and they block with their left knee.  The knee doesn't clear out the way and this creates a block preventing them to unwind and create the power that they need to get into the ball. The shot pattern that can result in this poor move can be anything from a pull, pull hook or the dreaded slice.

Simple Drill To Master Weight Transfer and Improve Your Swing

Mark Wood.png

A great little drill I've used with many of my clients, place a hoop and a towel on to the ground. Place your left foot onto the towel as you make your normal set up position. If you are left handed, simply use your right foot. From there, make your normal backswing. I want you to feel that you are then going to transfer the weight across to your left side by pushing down into the towel by doing this you can really feel that you are transferring the weight across to the left side. You can hit balls doing this hoop and towel drill and you will see you ball striking and accuracy massively improve. This will increase your clubhead speed into the golf ball which will therefore increase your distance.

Have you tried this drill or have another idea for weight transfer drills? Share your experience in the comments.

Guest Post By Mark Wood

Mark Wood is a PGA Advanced Professional, the Director of Instruction at Chichester Golf Club and author of ‘How to crush the ball 20 yards further’ and ‘Never shank again’.  With over 25 years of coaching experience, Mark has spent a lot of time analyzing the best drills and coaching methods to get great results for golfers of all abilities.

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