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New Standalone Mode for Apple Watch

Male golfer looking at his watch on the course

Do I need to have my iPhone in my pocket when playing with Apple Watch?

Not anymore! By popular demand, Golf Pad just launched an exciting standalone mode for Apple Watch users. It’s perfect for golfers who want to get distances and track their game on the watch and don’t want to carry their iPhone.

“Golf Pad users asked for the option to use their smartwatch without needing to carry their phone around. We’re excited to deliver on that request, starting with Apple Watch. We’re also expanding this option to more watch models soon, including popular Samsung watches.” Konstantin Roslyakov, Golf Pad CEO

Standalone mode for Apple Watch

Starting with Golf Pad version 13.0, you can use GPS-equipped Apple Watch (series 2 or later) even when you don't carry iPhone in your pocket! Simply start the round on the iPhone and put it away. You'll see rangefinder distances and club recommendations right on the watch. You can change holes, track shots and more. Once the phone is back in range, the scores will be synced.

Read more about how to use the new Apple Watch standalone mode to track your golf game.