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NEW: The Golf Pad feature that will lower your golf score

Golf driver about to tee off

Enhanced PLAYS LIKE distances in Golf Pad Premium

Golf Pad earns top user ratings through constant innovation, frequently adding new features based on golfer feedback. The latest of which is an enhanced PLAYS LIKE feature. Golf Pad, the developers of the top-rated golf GPS app for Android and iPhone, have announced a more robust PLAYS LIKE Premium feature. The data displays on both the golfer’s mobile smartphone and Apple and Samsung smartwatches.

What are PLAYS LIKE distances? 

PLAYS LIKE refers to the distance you would need to hit to reach the target under 'regular conditions' at your home course. This gives golfers critical data to improve club selection. 

The improved PLAYS LIKE feature, offers distances and club recommendations that account for factors such as:

  • Elevation change to target
  • Temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • Humidity
  • Altitude
  • Wind

Reliable data based on precise technology

PLAYS LIKE distances give you critical information, based on reliable statistics, current weather and course conditions.

No need to guess the impact of a hot, dry and windy day on a par 4 in Phoenix. Golf Pad PLAYS LIKE distances give accurate club recommendations. They are based on weather, course conditions and your personal club averages as compared to normal playing conditions at your home course. You’ll even see details about how each factor impacts the PLAYS LIKE distances. 

Are PLAYS LIKE distances and recommendations allowed in tournaments?

The USGA restricts the use of GPS and Distance Measuring Devices (DMD's) in conforming rounds. Specifically, USGA rule 14.3. PLAYS LIKE distances and club recommendations can't be used in conforming rounds per the USGA rules. 

A few of Golf Pad's features, including PLAYS LIKE distances, are designed for practice only and can’t be used while playing a conforming golf round according to the USGA rules. Golf Pad Regulation Mode disables any features not allowed by the USGA rules. Examples of conforming rounds are playing in a competitive golf tournament or playing a round that will be posted for the official golfer handicap. 

If playing a conforming round, be sure to enable Golf Pad Regulation Mode. When Regulation Mode is enabled in Golf Pad, the non-conforming features are disabled in Golf Pad, including:

  • Elevation
  • PLAYS LIKE distances
  • Club Recommendations
  • Real-time reporting of shot distances

You can track your game, and you’ll be able to review distances and related statistics after completing the round.

Golf Pad has been downloaded by golfers over 2 million times with 7+ million rounds of golf played. Click here to learn more about PLAYS LIKE in Golf Pad and contact Golf Pad to request a free Premium trial