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Strokes Gained: at your fingertips in Golf Pad Premium

Dyker Beach golf course

Golf Pad launches Strokes Gained, a new feature in Golf Pad Premium. Users are already loving it!

May 2016: If you're a golfer using Golf Pad GPS, the free shot-tracker, scorecard and GPS rangefinder, this feature is a game changer. It's time to take a closer look.

Strokes Gained is the revolutionary approach to game analysis, based on the "Every Shot Counts" book by professor Mark Broadie. Strokes Gained is the measure of how well someone performs compared to the average scratch player, taking into account the length and location of each shot and putt.

The new feature is available in Golf Pad version 12.0 for Android and coming to iPhone soon. You'll see easy to read stats that will help you make better decisions on the course.

Golf Pad Premium is an in-app upgrade. To take advantage of this new feature and many others, download the free app here.  

Learn more at the Golf Pad GPS support forum.