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Win a set of Kirkland signature golf balls

Woman crouching on the golf course

At Golf Pad, We Have The Elusive Golf Balls

We want to share! All customers who upgrade to Golf Pad Premium ($29.99 for one year) from today, 1/17/2017 through 2/17/2017, will have a chance to win a free set of Kirkland Signature balls. We'll choose the winner on 2/18/2017. You can upgrade from our free Golf Pad GPS application or buy an eGift certificate online. The eGift certificate can be redeemed anytime.

Keeping An Eye On The Balls

As you've probably heard, Costco launched their own brand of golf balls in 2016. They quickly sold out in many Costco stores. These balls are being compared to Titleist Pro-V1. In some cases, even being touted as better than the top of the line Pro-V1. They are being sold on popular auction and retail sites for up to four times more than retail price.

Today, Tony Covey with stated he heard from an inside source that Costco has suspended production of the Kirkland Signature golf balls until further notice.

Golfers on several popular forums are speculating on whether or not they'll be back. Some are speculating that Costco was coerced into quitting the golf ball business by other big golf ball manufacturers.

Everyone seems to agree they were a great value while they lasted. Some may even be willing to pay top dollar on sites that have doubled or tripled the price. We prefer to give them away while we can!