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Affiliate program launched

Golf course overlook

Love The Game Of Golf And Want To Earn Extra Cash?

Affiliate programs are a way for a person to promote a product. They get a unique link and marketing tools.  The affiliate earns a commission when referred visitors make a purchase.

Golf Pad has officially launched their affiliate program and golfers are excited. It's free to register. Golf Pad provides promo materials at no cost. Affiliates share on blogs, websites, and social media. They can earn up to 15% on referred sales. It's a fun way for bloggers, golf enthusiasts, even casual golfers to earn extra cash.

Golf Pad products help golfers improve their golf game.

As a recent Golf Pad reviewer stated, TAGS help golfers 'become their own coach'. Golf Pad is top-rated in this category, which makes promoting their golf products even more exciting for golfers.

Golf Pad Users

Anyone over 18 and living in the U.S. can register as an affiliate.

"Our ideal customer owns a smartphone and range in age from 25-55. Most are male. About 10% are female golfers," states Cindy, the Director of Marketing. "They enjoy the game of golf, play more than once a year and want a simple way to improve their golf game. Our customers range in skill from beginning golfers to professionals."

Those with a similar audience as the ideal Golf Pad customer are likely to have the most success.

Generous Commissions

Affiliates with Golf Pad earn from 8% to 15% on referred sales. Higher commission rates start accruing after only three sales.

Currently, Golf Pad TAGS are the primary product for affiliates to promote. The full set sells for $99.00. Extra TAGS are available in packs of three for $19.99.

In the coming weeks, Golf Pad is releasing a new product, Golf Pad LINK. It's a highly anticipated launch. It brings the Golf Pad tracking technology to golfers using Android or iPhone devices. This product launch will give affiliates even more opportunity to help others improve their golf game and earn money.