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Free Kirkland Signature balls?

Kirkland brand golf balls

You've probably heard, Kirkland Signature balls, released recently, are sold out in many Costco stores. These balls are being compared to Titleist Pro-V1. In some cases, even being touted as better than the top of the line Pro-V1.

So, where can you get the Kirkland Signature balls?

The Golf Pad headquarters is located in Kirkland, Washington. This is where Costco is based as well. It just so happens, we got our hands on these sought after Kirkland Signature balls.  

All customers who order Golf Pad TAGS from today, 12/20/2016 through 12/27/2016, will have a chance to win a free set of Kirkland Signature balls. We'll choose the winner on 12/28/2016.

Plus - Golf Pad TAGS are on sale right now, with a special bonus offer included.

Visit for details of the sale.