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Golf Pad TAGS in the EU

Golf Pad now available in the EU

Order Golf Pad TAGS in The EU

Golfers often ask "Can I buy Golf Pad TAGS in the UK (or other EU countries)?".

Golfers who live in Europe can now order Golf Pad game tracking products through one of Golf Pad’s top online retailers, Golf & More. So, yes! You can buy Golf Pad TAGS in the UK.

Combined with the top-rated golf app, Golf Pad GPS, Golf Pad TAGS are the easiest way for golfers to track and improve their golf game. Golf Pad TAGS work with most NFC capable Android devices and iPhone 7 or newer running the latest version of the Golf Pad app.

Faster Shipping For UK and EU Orders

Golf & More is a Golf Pad dealer located within the European Economic Area (EEA). Ordering online with Golf & More means you don't have to worry about import taxes and VAT.  Domestic shipping within the EEA is fast and affordable.

NOTE: For golfers who live outside the EU, orders can be placed directly with Golf Pad GPS or other Golf Pad retailers.