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Golf course GPS & Apple Series 2

The Shoals golf course

Golf Pad GPS + Apple Watch Series 2

The blogs and news feeds are all buzzing about the new Apple iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2.  

For golfers using Golf Pad GPS, the big question is:

Will Golf Pad GPS work with the iPhone 7 and/or Series 2 Apple Watch?

The simple answer is, "Yes, Golf Pad works with the Series 2." It'll be compatible with the new watch, as it is with the original Apple Watch.

One of the features of the Series 2 is a built-in GPS. Many golfers are wondering if this means they can use Golf Pad GPS without having the iPhone nearby or paired 100% of the time.

Currently the Golf Pad app requires the iPhone and Apple Watch (including Series 2) to be paired with the phone.

"We expect to release an update soon so the app will use the GPS signal of the watch, even when it's not paired with the phone," explains Konstantin Roslyakav, one of Golf Pad's founders. "Our development team is constantly adding new features and improving compatibility with new technology as it comes to market."

Constant innovation is one reason Golf Pad GPS is top-rated by golfers.  

"Since using Golf Pad, I have been able to take over 20 strokes off my game...the recommendations, distance, and map view give you all the right information to select the correct club." Marc and Christina A. 5 Star Google Review of Golf Pad GPS

Learn how Golf Pad GPS works with Apple Watch in this user guide.