Golf Pad GPS + Smartwatch

Golf Pad GPS + Smartwatch

A common question golfers ask is “What kind of smartwatch should I use with Golf Pad GPS?”

Golf Pad GPS, a golf rangefinder and scoring app, is compatible with more watches than any golf tracking app on the market today. This means golfers have a lot of options when choosing the best smartwatch.


3 factors to consider when deciding which smartwatch to use with Golf Pad GPS:


  • Cost - be realistic with your budget. Yes, it’s nice to look at the latest models, but if you’ll only be using the watch on the golf course, it may be better to save the cash for more golf balls instead. You can buy at watch for under $40 and get great performance with Golf Pad GPS.


  • Appearance - Smartwatches have become more refined looking in recent years. They are lower profile with discrete bands and watch faces that look like actual wrist watches. You’ll  spend a couple hundred to as much as a couple thousand dollars on these more modern watches. If looks aren’t important to you, an older model will save you a lot of money.


  • Features - The models listed below all work seamlessly with the Golf Pad GPS app. If you want to use your watch for other features, like music, measuring work-outs, or staying in touch with friends on social media, you’ll want to consider all the features offered. Many watches have lots of stand-alone features. Others require the use of applications.


Current compatible smartwatch models include:

Samsung Gear (including Gear Fit2)

Android Wear Including:

Update July, 2018: Pebble and Magellan Echo are also compatible with Golf Pad, however they've been discontinued and are currently in maintenance mode with the manufacturers. As a result, Golf Pad compatibility may not continue to be supported.

Apple Watch (including Series 2)

If you are considering a smartwatch and aren’t sure if your model will work with Golf Pad GPS, please contact us. We’ll verify compatibility for you.


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GPS Rangefinder App vs. Handheld Rangefinder

GPS Rangefinder App vs. Handheld Rangefinder

Golf Pad GPS is a free golf rangefinder and scoring app. It’s easy to use and highly rated (4.6/5 stars) by golfers. It includes 40,000+ worldwide courses.

If you’re trying to decide between a handheld rangefinder or a golf GPS app, consider these points:

  • Golf Pad GPS is free vs. spending hundreds on a handheld rangefinder

  • With our app, you can get accurate GPS distances even if you don’t have line of sight

  • Automatically tracking your (actual!) club distances is easy with our Golf Pad GPS app

  • Using our free app allows you to keep score for multiple players

  • Use the flyover feature on the app to become familiar with a new course

If you’d like an easy way to accurately measure distances, track your score and more, download Golf Pad GPS. The app works perfectly with Android and iPhone devices.

Golf Pad TAGS in the EU

Golf Pad TAGS in the EU

Order Golf Pad TAGS in The EU

Golfers often ask "Where can I buy Golf Pad TAGS in the UK (or other EU countries)?".

Combined with the top-rated golf app, Golf Pad GPS, TAGS are the easiest way for golfers to track and improve their golf game. Golf Pad TAGS work with most NFC capable Android devices.

Golfers who live in Europe can now order Golf Pad game tracking products through Golf Pad’s newest online retailer, Golf & More.


Faster Shipping For EU Reisdents

Golf & More is a Golf Pad dealer located within the European Economic Area (EEA). Ordering online with Golf & More means you don't have to worry about import taxes and VAT.  Domestic shipping within the EEA is fast and affordable. A multilingual version of the website is in the making. In the meantime,  contact Golf & More directly by email:

Golf Pad's new automatic golf game tracking system, Golf Pad LINK, will be available with Golf & More in early summer. Golf Pad LINK is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

NOTE: For golfers who live outside the EU, orders can be placed directly with Golf Pad GPS or other Golf Pad retailers.

Golf Pad LINK: Hottest Golf Tech

Golf Pad LINK: Hottest Golf Tech

Golf Pad LINK On Kickstarter

There are only five days left in the wildly successful Golf Pad LINK Kickstarter campaign. Golfers are excited about the new option to improve their golf game. To date, over $140,000 has been pledged by 984 backers. It’s the hottest golf tech on Kickstarter right now.

Golf Pad LINK Price

The suggested retail price of Golf Pad LINK is $229 USD. Until March 9, 2017, Kickstarter backers can get Golf Pad LINK at a savings of $90 or more.

Golf Pad LINK is for golfers who want to automatically track, analyze and improve their game in real-time. Users get accurate distances, intelligent club recommendations and more on over 40,000 courses worldwide.

Golf Pad CEO Hosts Q and A

Yesterday, Golf Pad CEO, Konstantin, hosted a live Golf Pad Q and A video to speak to golfers. In the video, Konstantin explains features new to Golf Pad LINK, details about strokes gained, how to use the stats to improve your golf game, smartwatch support, and more.

“Love the [Golf Pad] tags and software to track my game. Helped me drop 8+shots off my game last year by managing club selection. Look forward to the [Golf Pad LINK] option without a phone in my pocket all the time.” Matt Liesenfeld

Media Coverage

With coverage in Digital Trends, Geeky-Gadgets, Trend Hunter, Huffington Post and more, golfers everywhere are excited about Golf Pad LINK.

For those who want to save on the price of Golf Pad LINK, there are serious discounts for early backers through March 9, 2017. After the campaign, Golf Pad LINK will be available on Golf Pad’s website,

Golf Pad LINK Release Date

Golf Pad LINK Release Date

If you've been waiting for the Golf Pad LINK release, there's great news!

Earlier this month, Golf Pad launched it's Kickstarter campaign for the highly anticipated Golf Pad LINK release. Backers of the project raised over 60k in the first three days. 

Over 700 golfers have pledged over $96k - surpassing the funding goal with 20 days remaining. Golf Pad expects to begin shipping Golf Pad LINK units in May 2017.

Golfers, especially iPhone users, are excited about the Golf Pad LINK release. Golf Pad LINK provides unmatched benefits for golf game tracking and analysis, like:

  • Play and track without a phone
  • Apple (iPhone) compatibility
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Saves phone battery
  • Powered by the highest rated golf app
  • Extensive smartwatch compatibility
  • Android compatibility

Learn more and make a pledge on Kickstarter to get your Golf Pad LINK. 

Ready For Golf Pad LINK?

Ready For Golf Pad LINK?

Golf Pad LINK Launch

Kirkland, Washington: Golf Pad, Inc. has launched a Kickstarter campaign for it’s latest product, Golf Pad LINK. Golf Pad LINK is an automatic, real-time golf game tracking system for iPhone and Android users. Golfers play while LINK instantly records the distance of every shot and provides real-time game insight. Golfers can view results on a phone, online or on a smartwatch.

iPhone and Android

If you own an Android, you’ve likely been using the NFC reader in your phone for many apps. Apple, however, has kept NFC functionality limited to Apple Pay for iPhone users.

This has posed a challenge for golfers who want to use the technology to track their golf score, distances and stats. Golf Pad LINK overcomes this challenge with a built in location sensor.

Android and Apple users will appreciate the advantage of tracking their game without carrying their phone. This means no phone battery drain, no awkward phone in the pocket. A wireless reader tracks and records the golfer’s statistics. It automatically syncs the data when the phone is in range. Users can share results in real-time with friends and see how they compare to other players.


“Until now, our top-rated Golf Pad TAGS could only be used with Android,” observed Golf Pad CEO, Konstantin Roslyakov. “Golfers love the game insights and wanted iPhone support too. Golf Pad LINK addresses that.”


A Real Game Changer

The reader is designed to fit into a pocket. It’s thinner and more discreet than other game tracking devices. It also includes a removable clip if golfers prefer to wear it on a belt. Another advantage is the rechargeable battery, which lasts for two rounds of golf.

Golf Pad LINK sets the bar high when it comes to accuracy. It uses both GPS and GLONASS satellite tracking. This means faster and more accurate distances. Other game tracking systems only use GPS.

Golf Pad LINK comes with a wireless reader, 15 ultra-lightweight tags (one for each club) and the Golf Pad GPS application. The popular app has earned the highest rating in the sports category with nearly eleven thousand online reviews. It’s been downloaded over 1.3 million times and used to record over 3.7 million rounds of golf. Founded in 2011, Golf Pad is the only golf tracking system manufacturer named a Top Developer by Google.


The system retails for $229.00. Golf Pad is offering significant discounts for a limited number of early backers on their Kickstarter campaign, located here.


Win A Set Of Kirkland Signature Golf Balls

Win A Set Of Kirkland Signature Golf Balls

At Golf Pad, We Have The Elusive Golf Balls

We want to share! All customers who upgrade to Golf Pad Premium ($19.99 for one year) from today, 1/17/2017 through 2/17/2017, will have a chance to win a free set of Kirkland Signature balls. We'll choose the winner on 2/18/2017. You can upgrade from our free Golf Pad GPS application or buy an eGift certificate online. The eGift certificate can be redeemed anytime.

Keeping An Eye On The Balls

As you've probably heard, Costco launched their own brand of golf balls in 2016. They quickly sold out in many Costco stores. These balls are being compared to Titleist Pro-V1. In some cases, even being touted as better than the top of the line Pro-V1. They are being sold on popular auction and retail sites for up to four times more than retail price.

Today, Tony Covey with stated he heard from an inside source that Costco has suspended production of the Kirkland Signature golf balls until further notice.

Golfers on several popular forums are speculating on whether or not they'll be back. Some are speculating that Costco was coerced into quitting the golf ball business by other big golf ball manufacturers. 

Everyone seems to agree they were a great value while they lasted. Some may even be willing to pay top dollar on sites that have doubled or tripled the price. We prefer to give them away while we can!

Helping Young Golfers

Helping Young Golfers

Last month, The First Tee of Greater Seattle hosted their annual Fall Championship and fundraising event. The mission of The First Tee is  " impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf." 


Golf Pad, based in Kirkland, Washington donated nearly thirty units of the popular Golf Pad TAGS. The game tracking system golfers use to automatically track, analyze and improve their golf game in real-time. It's loved by golfers of all ages and skill levels.


"We proudly gave 12 of them as prizes during this past weekend’s Fall Championship. We saved them for the oldest divisions, many players in which are either playing high school golf or aspiring to in the near future, and represent the Eagle and Ace divisions of The First Tee. They are our most exemplary students in terms of golf and life skills and have been with the chapter for 2+ years, and most for 5 or more years. They were really excited and appreciative," writes Evan Johnsen, Program Director for The First Tee of Greater Seattle. 


Organizations like The First Tee are bringing golf to young players. It's an important mission for the benefit of these students and the future of the sport. Golf Pad is proud to help support their goals. Technology is second nature for most students in this age group. Golf Pad saw the donation as a natural fit.


"Thank you so much for the really cool [Golf Pad TAGS] you gave out yesterday at the week 9! This is a really cool prize and something I will use often. I’m thinking about it right now as I already got to use it today when I was playing a quick 9 at Willows."  -Alex, a First Tee student


The First Tee of Greater Seattle has opportunities for coaching and other volunteers. Donations of used equipment are always welcome. 

Free Kirkland Signature Balls?

Free Kirkland Signature Balls?

You've probably heard, Kirkland Signature balls, released recently, are sold out in many Costco stores. These balls are being compared to Titleist Pro-V1. In some cases, even being touted as better than the top of the line Pro-V1. 

So, where can you get the Kirkland Signature balls? 

The Golf Pad headquarters is located in Kirkland, Washington. This is where Costco is based as well. It just so happens, we got our hands on these sought after Kirkland Signature balls.  

All customers who order Golf Pad TAGS from today, 12/20/2016 through 12/27/2016, will have a chance to win a free set of Kirkland Signature balls. We'll choose the winner on 12/28/2016. 

Plus - Golf Pad TAGS are on sale right now, with a special bonus offer included.

Visit for details of the sale. 

Golf Pad + PayPal Credit

Golf Pad + PayPal Credit

Golf Pad now accepts PayPal credit as a payment option on the popular Golf Pad TAGS. Golf Pad TAGS make a perfect holiday gift for golfers of all skill levels who want to improve their golf game. 

Currently, PayPal credit offers special financing for PayPal credit customers. This is an opportunity for shoppers and golfers to pay over time when buying Golf Pad TAGS™. PayPal credit is subject to credit approval.

To use PayPal credit on, select PayPal as your payment choice at checkout. 

Affiliate Program Launched

Affiliate Program Launched

Love The Game Of Golf And Want To Earn Extra Cash?

Affiliate programs are a way for a person to promote a product. They get a unique link and marketing tools.  The affiliate earns a commission when referred visitors make a purchase. 

Golf Pad has officially launched their affiliate program and golfers are excited. It's free to register. Golf Pad provides promo materials at no cost. Affiliates share on blogs, websites, and social media. They can earn up to 15% on referred sales. It's a fun way for bloggers, golf enthusiasts, even casual golfers to earn extra cash. 

Golf Pad products help golfers improve their golf game.

As a recent Golf Pad reviewer stated, TAGS help golfers 'become their own coach'. Golf Pad is top-rated in this category, which makes promoting their golf products even more exciting for golfers. 


Golf Pad Users

Anyone over 18 and living in the U.S. can register as an affiliate. 

"Our ideal customer owns a smartphone and range in age from 25-55.  Most are male. About 10% are female golfers," states Cindy, the Director of Marketing.  "They enjoy the game of golf, play more than once a year and want a simple way to improve their golf game. Our customers range in skill from beginning golfers to professionals."

Those with a similar audience as the ideal Golf Pad customer are likely to have the most success. 

Generous Commissions

Affiliates with Golf Pad earn from 8% to 15% on referred sales. Higher commission rates start accruing after only three sales. 

Currently, Golf Pad TAGS are the primary product for affiliates to promote. The full set sells for $99.00. Extra TAGS are available in packs of three for $19.99. 

In the coming weeks, Golf Pad is releasing a new product, Golf Pad LINK. It's a highly anticipated launch. It brings the Golf Pad tracking technology to golfers using Android or iPhone devices. This product launch will give affiliates even more opportunity to help others improve their golf game and earn money.

8 Things Galaxy Note 7 Owners Need To Know

8 Things Galaxy Note 7 Owners Need To Know

Golf Pad GPS and Switching Phones

Did your phone end up on the recall list for the Galaxy Note 7? Getting a new phone is usually exciting, not so much when it's unexpected though. 

Many golfers who use the free Golf Pad GPS app for shot tracking, score keeping and as a GPS rangefinder, have questions about switching to a new phone. 

The 8 most important things golfers need to know:

  • If you switch to iPhone from Android, the Golf Pad GPS app will still work. It's compatible with Android and Apple devices.



  • Have a Golf Pad account created before switching phones. This will ensure your golf game playing history transfers to the new phone. You can use your email address or social media to create the account. 




  • Open the app and log in to your account, using the settings icon.  That will bring your history over to the new device. You may need to start a round before your history populates. 



  • The Galaxy Note 7 recall is serious! Don't risk it for the sake of brand loyalty. Get your phone replaced!